“Thank You For Being So Kind With Me…”

A couple weeks ago I started going to the thrift stores and used book stores to try to find some of the books the patrons are requesting but not receiving (because they are not being donated to the program that supplies the books to the jail library).

Last week when I visited my family back home I brought back 3 bags of books to donate to the jail library – books back home were 1/2 the price of used books here in town! One of them was on the history of Latin and South America – I knew exactly who would like this book. He used to be the only Spanish reader in the jail that I had seen visit the library and I would save Spanish magazines (often mistaken for magazines in English, because they look just like Time, People, ect. until you sit down to read them) and new books for him. Large Spanish books would be used as seats and would be ruined my numerous bottoms needing a seat by the telephone (stools were newly added, so books are not used anymore!).

This morning while volunteering at the jail library, I got a surprise drawing from the patron who did indeed want to read the Latin and South America history book. I was touched that he took the time to express his thanks. He told me that he was half way done with the book and that it was filled with so much information.