Janet Evanovich & Read Alikes

The women in the county jail are in love with Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series! And the men are now starting to catch onto the series!

Popular series are hard to come by in the jail library. In part is that people who buy them want to keep and collect the entire series until it is finished and then donate them when they are ready. An other part is, that many of the popular reads are released as hardcovers first and therefor cannot be in the jail library until they are softcovers. (The bottom two books were hard covers that were converted into soft covers to be allowed in the jail.)

As I brought in my Janet Evanovich finds from a book sale, the same day a patron donated five of her own books that her husband bought for her (patrons can only be sent brand new books directly from book sellers). This really increased out our collection considerably, but by how fast they are being read, the desire for the rest of the series will come fast. One patron said to an other, “This will just take me a couple of hours to read.”

Male patrons had not been too interested in the series until this week. One of our big (an one of the few) male romance readers is trying out the series and the mystery genre. An other patron who has read most of the mystery section started with book # 7, and scooped up all of the first six books (the limit of books checked out at one time). As he was checking his new books out, he laughed as he told us about the main character.

As patrons might get antsy about needing more of the Stephanie Plum series, I started looking for read alikes. Below are some links.





Zane Read Alikes

Zane is one of the more popular Urban Fiction writers in the jail (some classify Zane’s work specially as Urban Erotica). One of the patrons told me she was a “smooth writer” – with an added wink to make sure his code for hot and heavy scenes was clear enough for me to get the hint.

A friend showed me that Urbana Free Public Library has a new read-alike poster – If you like Zane… here are even more books of smoldering intensity. These read alikes will be helpful when Zane flies off the shelf at the jail library and while working on a collection development project for the jail libraries. More on that later project later.

At the National Book Festival in Houston, TX, the following video of Walter Mosley was recorded. Watch out Zane (!) because Mosley says the following about his 2010 book Killing Johnny Fry: A Sexistential Novel:

My book makes Zane look like Nancy Drew. Zane is pretty soft compared to the sex I start talking about.

I guess we need to explore Zane more, because I didn’t know that there was a television show based off of her work called Sex ChroniclesMore on Zane later!