Bibliographic Wilderness

Rachel Hollis in Boise Idaho writes on the prison librarians listserv:

At the college where I work, I implemented Koha, an open source ILS, in 2008. The prison where I also work may lose their Microsoft licenses to another department and started experimenting with Koha this year. Even though it’s internet-based, they are able to run most, if not all, of it in the library. One of the inmates is a databases guy and he’s been doing most of the work.

In most US prisons, inmates get very little access to computers, and none to ‘the internet’. I’m especially taken with the idea of that “databases guy” inmate, and the possibility of a prison library providing an IT training opportunity via the libraries own IT, an end-run around current lack of training opportunities (obviously a key to avoiding recividism).

Rachel later adds in a direct email:

I asked on the…

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