Meditation Resources

On the prison library listserve, this mediation resource was shared. It is one that I’ve bookmarked, so I thought I’d share it as well. (To subscribe to the listserve, visit this website.)

Loyola University Maryland has the Bridge Project that’s mission is on the power of meditation. The project states that:

In prison the body is confined. The spirit and soul need not be. Thousands of inmates around the country are using their confinement to trigger an inward journey. They are traveling to a place of greater joy, peace, and freedom. You are invited to join in!

You might also be able to find or start a contemplative group in your institution. This is an inward journey but it sure helps to have companions.

To assist, we have included some inmate letters and an extensive resource list for those seeking information, help, and support in developing a meditative practice. Don’t hesitate to contact one or more of these groups.

Remember, as you embark on your journey, that love and energy surrounds you!

They offer resources via a website or a pdf that provides a list of organizations, what they have to offer people behind bars, and how to contact them. (FYI: The websites listed on their resource page do not work, but if you copy & paste the urls, they work just fine.)

Their resource website also links to a documentary called The Dhamma Brothers which is free to watch on Hulu. Below is a preview.

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