Coming Soon: YA Underground | School Library Journal

Coming Soon: YA Underground | School Library Journal.

Starting January 16, Amy Cheney, who works with incarcerated kids at Alameda County (CA) Library’s Juvenile Hall, will be writing a new column for SLJTeen. The column, “YA Underground: Teen Books You Might Have Missed,” will run every other month and feature titles that are of interest to teens—particularly those who have grown up in poverty or are now incarcerated. Because juvenile detention facilities, like Amy’s, don’t typically allow kids to read “street lit,” she’s always on the lookout for books that will pique their interest, and many of these titles are perfect for your public library’s young adult section. So get ready for some great reads: fiction, nonfiction, adult books for teens, and graphic novels—they’ll all be highlighted in YA Underground! Put the January 16 issue of SLJTeen on your must-read list.

Click on the link above to follow to the article & to subscribe to SLJTeeen!

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