Call for Submissions: Rethinking Prisons Conference 2013

Here is a call for submissions to a conference that might be of interest:

The Rethinking Prisons Conference 2013 will be held May 3 – 5, at Vanderbilt University,  in Nashville Tennessee.

This link brings you to their submission information.

At their conference, they aim to “The conference seeks to foster conversations between activists and scholars who share common concerns and bring different knowledge, methods, strategies and experience to the table” and  have the following points included in presentations and conversations:

(1) Intersections between the work of prison activists and research in political, literary, legal and social theory.
(2) Challenges faced by an activists seeking transformational alternatives to the U.S. prison system
(3) The promise and shortcomings of present death penalty and solitary confinement legislation
(4) The intersections of the U.S. prison system with race, gender, class, and sexuality.
(5) The intersections of the U.S. prison system with politics.

This conference is the final event of Vanderbilt University’s Department of Philosophy’s A Year of Rethinking Prisons, “an interdisciplinary series of events dedicated to rethinking criminality, incarceration, and state execution.”

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