Follow Up to Banned Books Week

Last night I was able to follow up with a couple of patrons who read  banned books to celebrate Banned Books Week.

One woman returned Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye.  I asked her if she liked the book, she nodded her head. I asked her if she thought the book should be banned and she told me of course not and that she thought it should be taught in literary classes.

An other patron was  a gentleman who had read a Goosebumps book. I asked him if it was to scary for him. He smirked and said no. I then asked if he thought the series should be banned for being to scary for young readers. He continued smirking and said no again. I think he got more of a kick out of me suggesting that he could be scared by the series.

It was fun to be able to follow up with patrons after they read banned books and were interested in a small library display. I’ve also been trying more purposefully to show that the library values patrons, their reading choices, and their voices. This was one attempt foster an environment that could make patrons feel valued and heard with what resources the jail library already has.

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