Expanding Lifespan of Paperbacks in the Jail Library

Currently I’m working on a large project to improve our collections in our county jail libraries (I have soooo much Urban Fiction all over my living room) and I’ll post more about the project when were closer to implementing it.

Part of the project is to try to learn how to expand the lifespan of books in the library. Many school librarians have suggested that we use contact paper since we are only allowed to offer paperbacks.

Below is an awesome instructional video teaching how to place contact paper on paperbacks:

This technique has worked great so far. One thing that I found worked better was to fold and re-fold over a tiny part of a corner and rub it with your fingers in order to loosen the contact paper from the paper backing.

An unfortunate side of this is that our contact paper is easy to peel off. I could easily take a corner and peal it all the way across the cover. So, now we are looking at how we can place packing tape over the ends of the paper to seal the contact paper onto the inside cover or order the contact paper through Demco or Gaylord.


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