PIC Librarianship Presentation to be at Joint Conference of Librarians of Color

At the upcoming Joint Conference of Librarians of Color will be a poster presentation about PIC librarianship.

Deidra Herring (above), Education Subject Specialist at the Ohio State University,  will be presenting Making the Connection Between Juvenile Prisons and Academic Libraries: The Ohio Department of Youth Services Library System.

The poster presentation serves as a platform to raise awareness about prison librarianship and to better educate audiences about those library services offered to support the educational curriculum and literacy programming needed for incarcerated youth. The information is based on research presented in Behavioral and Social Sciences Librarian focusing on the juvenile correctional facilities (JCFs) and library services in Ohio. JCF librarians and public libraries have been proactive, but what role do academic libraries play?

Also can’t be at her presentation? Read her 2009 article The Ohio Department of Youth Services Juvenile Prison Library System. Below is the abstract:

The article is an introduction to The Ohio Department of Youth Services librarians and the services they provide. Information about each juvenile prison facility is revealed and provides an explanation of guidelines and standards for prison libraries. Sixty-eight questions were asked in four in-person interviews to present a profile of the librarians working within juvenile correctional facility high schools and examines the effects of literacy programming. Six categories covered are (1) questions for the librarian; (2) questions about the library; (3) patron usage, access, and service; (4) programming and collaborative efforts; (5) collection development and budget; and (6) additional questions.

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