An Author’s Perspective on Urban Fiction: Hermes Hanover

I first heard from Hermes Hanover through a response after he read my guest blog post,  The Transformative Power of Urban Literature

While in communication with Hermes, he told me that:

I think that urban literature is a genre that is not given enough attention or validation and I hope to in a small way change that with my novel.

Hermes’s first urban fiction novel, Never Die: A Philadelphia Story, just came out this July.

Here is part of an interview with Hermes at the blog independentpublisher:

IBP: The main character Nina is extremely violent and certain passages in the novel it is indicated she actually enjoys the more violent aspects of the drug trade. Are you concerned with the effect this may have on young readers?

HH:  That’s a good question….while I don’t feel this is a novel for really young readers twelve or thirteen, I do think that it can be a powerful conversation piece about some of the ills that still continue to plague the black community til this day.  This generation is the post crack era generation, the video game text me, facebook me, generation, they are the inheritors of the ruins left by the scourge of drugs on the black community during the 1980’s and ‘90’s.  I think urban novels helped to provide a context for the environment and the circumstances that created these situations.  My hope is that readers who purchase this novel can walk away with more than just a “Niecy’s revenge”  type story where the character gets away with their misdeeds, but a realistic yet entertaining portrayal of a young woman trying to obtain power in a violent and male dominated world and facing the harsh consequences of her decisions.

IBP: So you’re saying Nina isn’t a hero?

HH: By no means! Make no mistake although Nina’s a leader and successful at her trade, she is a psychopath who ultimately cares about no one, not even herself.  I want readers to recognize Nina for what she is: the product of drugs and poverty who chooses to inflict pain on others to ease her own.  The few friends she has are all involved in her plans and she finds that her strive to become Philadelphia’s top female drug kingpin will take risking everything important to her, including the lives of her friends.

To read more of this interview, follow this link: This Month’s Interview Spotlight: Hermes Hanover.


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