Back into the Swing of Things

I have been missing in action for the last couple weeks due to hoping in the car to make a quick trip back home to visit relatives that came for a visit from the other side of the states. This is were I met other librarians in my family and what a blast we had! (Photo above – librarians in green!)

This summer has been busy to say the least… I met my first paid prison librarian for the first time, created a bibliography on prison librarianship, am knee deep on a collection development project that includes tracking the lifespan of books in a correctional library, proposed a book club for the local jails, wrote a final paper that was proposal for a re-entry program at a public library, and today I’m prepping to organize and correctly label a collection of books with an other volunteer so we can be super effective when we are in the library this week.

It is now time to get back into the swing of academia and I am exploring bibliographic metadata (the fancy way of saying cataloging) and network systems.

I’ll try to post once a week, but with heaviness of course loads some weeks may be skipped.


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