A Peek into Alcatraz’s Library

My aunt and her family are on vacation in California (lucky ducks!). This morning she sent me a picture in Alcatraz Prison Library while they were on a tour.

Curious for more information, I found that you can take a virtual look at the prison library via 360 cities.

AlcatrazHistory.com provides the following information about the library:

Inmates would be given restricted access to the Prison Library, but no newspapers, radios, or other non-approved reading materials would be allowed. Receiving and sending mail would be considered a privilege, and all letters both in-coming and out-going were to be screened and type-written after being censored by prison officials. Work was also seen as a privilege and not a right, and consideration for work assignments would be based on an inmate’s conduct record.

The Carter Libraryblog provides us with a close up of the photo my aunt sent me where we can read the quotation from the Federal Bureau of Prisons Booklet (1960).

The image below of inmates using the library and is from the National Archives via the National Park Service‘s website. 

While the library’s atmosphere is described as creepy now… as well as the rest of the facility, it is also known for providing it’s patrons with the “ultimate escape.”


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