New Easy Reader Series Released

Knowing if a patron needs an easy reader can been difficult.

Sometimes at the jail library patrons request Goosebumps books, stating that their interest as wanting to revisit their childhood or how they felt when they read it in their youth. Maybe that is true, sometimes I think it is their reading level.

If you are not familiar with easy readers, they have a lower reading level, but have a more mature plot that is more relatable to the readers’ age and life.

This new easy reader series, Always Upbeat / All That, is written at a 3rd grade level and is coming out this summer. The first five books in the series are already out. This cheer dramas and baller swag dramas are flip books, meaning one side of the book is from the young woman’s perspective and if you turn the book over the perspective is from the young man.

Readers are taking well to the series already:

In the two weeks the Urban Flip Books have been on the market, McHugh said preorders have exceeded sales for any other book in the company’s 30-year-history, underscoring what one struggling teen reader said in a focus group: “Finally, I can have a thick book and look like everyone else.” (Carpenter)

A co-worker of mine also suggested Liar by Justine Larbalestier as a great easy reader that is also extremely engaging in plot.

To read more about the series that starts with Always Upbeat / All That, read the article below:

Carpenter, Susan. Not Just For Kids: A Lifeline for Struggling Teen ReadersLos Angeles Times. 17 June 2012.


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