Next Weekend! – Bustin’ In & Bustin’ Out Through the Radio

Next weekend is the Grassroots Radio Conference!

Not until today did I see that there is a panel on Bustin’ In, Bustin’ Out: The Key to Prison Justice. And I can’t wait to go!

Below is a synopsis of their panel presentation:

Prisons and jails create legal boundaries between us. And with those legal boundaries come physical, mental and spiritual distance as well. What role does radio play in bridging this divide? How can be begin to be whole again? In this workshop, we will address these questions on both local and national levels. We will look at the unique ways in which radio is being used to shatter these boundaries through the national Prison Phone Justice Campaign, and specifically the Thousands Kites’ Calls from Home program to connect with those on the inside. We will discuss how local advocates are using radio and other media, from books to petitions, to shift the prisoner landscape from the outside in.

The workshop will include interactive ways to get involved with these campaigns and an introduction on how to start your own prison radio program.  The first half of the workshop will focus on the campaign and how it is using radio/media as an organizing tool.  The second half will be a hands on workshop on creating your own prison radio show. Urbana-Champaign’s Books to Prisoners will also be hosting a work session where we will be responding to letters from prisoners and mailing them books.

Ooooo! I’m so excited! I will report back what I learned!


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