New Categories & Resources Added to Resources Lists

Today I’ve added new resources to the Urban Fiction ResourcesPrison Librarianship Resources, and PIC Resources pages.

New categories that have been added to the Urban Fiction Resources page are Youtube Channels and Podcast (just one, but it needed its own category!).

Some of the websites and blogs that I’ve added are no longer being updated and I’ve noted so under the links. These websites and blogs still have information that might be useful to your information needs, have current links in them for further resources, or provide an archival purpose.

Below is everything new that has been added:

PIC Website:

Journals With Issues Dedicated to the PIC:
  • Sinister Wisdom – Winter 2003/4 – Issue 61 – “women loving women in prison”
Journals with Issues Dedicated to Reading / Writing in the PIC:
Prison Librarianship Websites:
  • Pace Law Library’s Prisoners’ Rights Law Resources
    • “A gateway to information on prisoners’ rights, including federal, state, and international primary and secondary sources, in print and online, with a particular focus on special populations and topical issues.”

Prison Librarianship Blogs:

Prison Librarianship Books, Articles, and Journals:

Prison Librarianship Youtube Channel: 

Urban Fiction Article:

Urban Fiction Blogs:

Urban Fiction Youtube Channels:

Urban Fiction Podcast:

Urban Fiction Websites:


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