Zane Read Alikes

Zane is one of the more popular Urban Fiction writers in the jail (some classify Zane’s work specially as Urban Erotica). One of the patrons told me she was a “smooth writer” – with an added wink to make sure his code for hot and heavy scenes was clear enough for me to get the hint.

A friend showed me that Urbana Free Public Library has a new read-alike poster – If you like Zane… here are even more books of smoldering intensity. These read alikes will be helpful when Zane flies off the shelf at the jail library and while working on a collection development project for the jail libraries. More on that later project later.

At the National Book Festival in Houston, TX, the following video of Walter Mosley was recorded. Watch out Zane (!) because Mosley says the following about his 2010 book Killing Johnny Fry: A Sexistential Novel:

My book makes Zane look like Nancy Drew. Zane is pretty soft compared to the sex I start talking about.

I guess we need to explore Zane more, because I didn’t know that there was a television show based off of her work called Sex ChroniclesMore on Zane later!


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