Reading Day Celebration Takes Place in Indian Prison Library

On June 19th, a Reading Day Pledge was recited by the General of Police to kick off the Central Prison‘s Reading Day Celebration, which spans a week. The celebration is in honor of P. N. Panicker.

For the inmates of the Central Prison, Poojappura, who spend a considerable amount of time in the company of books, there could have been no better time to take such a pledge than during the Reading Week celebrations.

The celebration was organized by the prison, the P. N. Panicker Foundation, and others.

The prison library holds 15,000 books and welcomes 80 patrons daily.

The prison library has a varied collection of books and has a regular supply of all the leading national and regional newspapers and magazines. The prison also has computer labs, television, and radios for the inmates to keep up with the latest happenings around the world.

Read the full article here:

Library of a Different KindThe Hindu. 23 June 2012.


P. N. Panicker Foundation


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