Hawaii’s Women Behind Bars Asked to Transcribe Archieved Newspapers

Unidentified organizers of the project and prison staff are asking inmates in the only women’s prison in Hawaii to volunteer to:

manually typing copy from [60,000 pages of newspapers] microfilm into a searchable database as a way for incarcerated women to reconnect with Hawaii’s rich history and culture — to more fully understand why they see the world the way they do.

The Warden sees interest in having the women behind bars, especially the 43% of the population that are native Hawaiians, volunteer because he states

These women need to learn who they are — not just for themselves but for their children.

This task would be completed in the prison library on three computers. There library does not sound too appealing, for in the article is described as:

a room filled with law tomes and random books like “Disney’s Family Story Collection” and “Seattle: Then and Now.”

To read the full article, visit:

Garcia, Oskar. Prison Inmates Join Project to Transcribe Historical Hawaiian-Language Newspapers. Associated Press. 13 June 2012.

Further Sources into Hawaii’s women’s prison / prison library:

Hawaii Women Inmates Nurture Breadfruit Trees

  • Where image is from.

Hawaii’s Corrections Administration Policy and Procedures: Library Service

  • Not positive if this is for the whole state or just for the Women’s Community Correctional Center.

Inmates Find Mutual Growth Through Breadfruit Trees. Hawaii Public Radio.

van Gelder, Sarah. Can Prison Be a Healing Place?: Why the Warden of Hawii’s Only Prison Creates a Sanctuary for its Residents. Yes! 14 June 2011.

Women’s Community Correctional Center


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