With a little bit of muscle… 3 full boxes of free books for the jail library!

This week my jail library mentor and I went to the community Restore to look for books for collection development. Restore lets the Books to Prisoners organization come in every once in a while to see if there are books we could use for the jail.

A little less then two hours of browsing through books, we left with 5 boxes!! We found popular fiction, mysteries, westerns, parenting books, books about religion, biographies, science fiction, non-fiction, humor, and I’m sure even more that I’m not remembering! We were so excited!

What happens to these books next? Stickers… lots and lots of stickers. A colored stickering system for shelving books gives quick reference to find books and for the trustee (a prisoner who helps out at the library) to reshelve the books after the have been checked back in. A piece of heavy duty tape seals the deal to help keep the stickers on. This doesn’t always work, because tape is sometimes a hot commodity at the jail and patrons remove the tape for their own use, so we sticker the books again!

Below you can see our workstation for our stickering process. In the picture, hard at work, is my jail mentor getting more stickers for the ready!

Some of the books that we got went to fulfill patrons’ requests of books they are wanting to read, and some of the books that are more targeted to a female audience went to the other jail where women are held at. And, here we go, 3 full boxes to bring to the jail library!

Between my mentor’s broken foot and my right hand on the mend, a little muscle work brought a great addition to our library that needed a some new reads to be added! After seeing everything that we got, we are so thankful for a group like Restore to let us look through what they have. Their kindness will bring a lot of happy patrons!


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