Recommended Readings from Prison Law Blog

I’m taking the week off for some self-care after finishing my first year of my program (yea!). I’ve bookmarked this post, so I though I would share. Here is the Prison Law blog’s post on some Sunday readings. I’m looking forward to being able to read some of these for sure!

Prison Law Blog

Here’s a roundup of some recent scholarship and online commentary about prison-related issues:

Also, via Doug Berman, I noticed that the Yale Law Journal is running a prison law writing contest. If you are or have been in prison or jail, you may be eligible to enter.

A programming note: the blog has been slow this spring. This has been…

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2 thoughts on “Recommended Readings from Prison Law Blog

  1. SteveSwimmer says:

    Looking over Alexander Volokh’s work: he rightfully should not release just yet, save seeking Koch Bros. money. If you know this person, and wish to help him find better information, tell him to go to Prison Legal News, interview Paul Wright and follow Paul’s lead. Then, he will have first hand prison understanding he clearly, today, knows absolutely nothing about.

    • Steve, thank you for commenting. Is Alexander Volokh in prison? I can not find any information about his imprisonment. Please don’t assume male as a default gender and down play their knowledge base. Thanks for providing an additional resource for us!

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