Urban Lit. Featured as a Genre in Small Demons

Small Demons is a fairly new site for users to “experience books a new way by viewing all the people, places and things inside them.”

Their site is designed based on the storyverse (a clever play on literary universe): “the people, places and things from books, and everywhere they can take you.” The video below demonstrates how Small Demons functions.

While setting up my account, I was surprised to see Urban as a genre of books. The image below is a screen shot of the  Urban genre.

Though some authors seemed to not fit and some African-American genred authors should be cross-referenced, Richard Nash (VP, Content and Community, Small Demons), stated that “We missed this one largely because we’re working with publishers’ BISAC codes which don’t always reflect the content as well as they should, since they’re aimed at bookstores rather than libraries.” They are working to fix many issues on the site and to increase volume into the Urban genre is on the Small Demons’ planned to-do list.

I’m excited to watch this site grow and see a fun and interactive site that includes Urban Fiction. They are exploring how to make the site interactive with users, so this site is one to keep on the radar.

To see other Urban Fiction resources that are on-line, see past post on this topic here.


2 thoughts on “Urban Lit. Featured as a Genre in Small Demons

  1. This looks awesome. It sounds much like the future of internet TV, where you’ll be able to pause the movie you are watching at any point and find out where you can buy that leather jacket the main character is wearing.

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